The Eucharistic Ministry is currently led by Mr Laurent Lukonji (Chairperson), Mrs Consoleé 

Kanamugire(Dep. Chairperson), Benjamin Umeadi (Treasurer )and Mr Pascal Niyonzima who is the secretary. 


The duties of the Eucharistic Ministers of St Peters are as follows:

To assist the priest of the deacon in administering the sacrament of Holy Communion,

To take the sacrament of Holy Communion to the sick and those unable to attend mass, To preside over the communion services,

To be active in participating in Eucharistic adoration and in stewardship programs in the church, To visit the sick either at home or in hospital.

To clean the Church at least once in 3 months

The Ministers of the Eucharist at St Peter’s praise God and give him all glory at this great day of its 80th Anniversary.  May St Peter’s Catholic Church, Point, never rest in helping the faithfully grow in their faith and love for God.