Reading of the first book of Kings (1 R 19, 19-21)

In those days,
Elijah came down from the mountain.
He found Elisha, son of Shafath, plowing.
He had to plow twelve acres,
and he was in the twelfth.
Elijah walked past him and threw his coat towards him.
So Elisha left her oxen, ran after Elijah,
and said to him:
“Let me kiss my father and mother,
then I will follow you. ”
Elijah replied:
“Go away, go back there!”
I did not do anything. ”
Then Elisha returned;
but he took the pair of oxen to sacrifice them,
cooked them with the wood of the hitch,
and gave them food to people.
Then he got up, went after Elijah
and went to his service.