New wine- new wineskins -(Mt 9, 14-17)

Méditation du Père Georges R. Bidzogo sac (Saturday 13th Week Year A)
J’aime Jésus et toi ? (Mt 9, 14-17) – (Am 9, 11-15) – New wine- new wineskins
This is metaphor of new laws of Christ: fasting, ablutions, washings of hands and feet, external rituals, eye for eye tooth for tooth, the question of divorce, circumcision and so forth, there is a new spirit, a new way, a new manner to get into relationship with God. The priority in this relationship will be other human beings and not the law or things. A relation of celebration of joy and grace, forgiveness and peace and of my real presence among you!
The truth is not to be diluted because of our traditions or our former beliefs. Once I discover the truth I need not to try to play around with my former impressions and knowledge. The truth implies a new mindset. Knowing Jesus implies mindset and life style transformation. The cloth, the old wine is like our old man while the new piece of cloth, the news skin represents our life in the spirit. Paul says: “You are a new creation” 2 Cor 5:17) – Our hearts, our lives need to be renewed so that we can be compatible with the love of Christ. Contrary to the Old that was so rigid, the love of Christ is flexible, opened to all people, all nationalities, all races, all categories. New wine should not be put into old wineskins. With the new teaching of Jesus, the old way of life has to be left behind. Levi who became Matthew left his job as tax collector (Mt 5:27-32); Peter left his old job of fisherman and became fisher of men (Mt4:19), the sons of Zebedee left their net and their father in the boat (Mt4:22); Marie who was a prostitute by profession left her job to become the first messenger of the resurrection of Jesus (John20:1-18). Saul who became Paul changed from persecutor to preacher (Acts 9). New wine new wineskins. Burry false traditions, false guilt, past conflicts, past wrong relationship and allow the new flow of life though the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen. New wine into a new wineskins. The Lord is doing something a new thing for you. Accept the change. Be open like Mary!