Meditation of the day (1 Kings 21: 17-29) (Fr. Georges sac)



God is Sovereign but merciful (Ezekiel 33:11)
Despite the harm that Ahab did more than any other king in Israel, God did not resist his repentance. David experienced it: “a broken and broken heart you do not reject” (Ps51: 17). Didn’t Jesus come to save everyone (John 3:16). Dear brothers and sister, we are sinners, humble before the God of mercy.
The rest of the story of the vineyard of Naboth shows us that our God is sovereign (Ephesians 1:11); he always has the last word and vengeance is his (Romans 12: 17-19). Everyone is divine property. Whenever we harm a human being, God watches and He will do justice to those who will be faithful to Him like Elijah and Naboth (Proverbs 4: 18-19). The hand of the eternal is sovereign, its action is sovereign, its justice is sovereign; his word is sovereign. All that he promised Ahab and Jezabel takes revenge for Naboth has happened. Jezabel, the pagan queen who brought the false gods to Israel, had died violently 11 years after the murder of Nabaoth (1Kings 9: 3037) and the dogs ate his whole body; all of Ahab’s 70 sons who were in Samaria had their throats slit and their heads returned to Yisreel (2Kings 10: 1-11). Ahab himself was killed by an arrow during an expedition against Aram and his body was buried in Samaria and the dogs licked his blood which remained in the cart (1Kings 22: 1-40). Do not harm anyone. “… The Lord cannot leave the guilty without punishment. He punishes children for the sins of their parents from the third to the fourth generation ”(Numbers 14:18). Let us pray Ps 51. Lord in your great mercy blot out our sins! Amen.