Meditation of Father Georges sac. (Mt 5, 1-12)

The Beatitudes, as a Christian identity card.
The beatitudes often appear as an identity card. The identity card is a small document summarizing the most important information in our life, for example our origin, our place of birth and even our age. The Beatitudes is our Christian identity card. Through the beatitudes we see the face of Jesus, his way of life and his teaching. Jesus is the poor of heart par excellence (Phil 2: 6). Jesus to spend his whole life loving, comforting, comforting. Jesus gave his whole life at the service of the world. The Christian must live in compassion and mercy. Jesus went so far as to give his life by dying on a cross. The “blessed” are those who follow this magna carta of Christ. With the beatitudes St Augustine said that one is like a house built on a rock (Mt7: 24-27). Let us be good men and women who draw inspiration from the beatitudes every day. I pray that the word of God to Elijah in the first reading will be fulfilled on you. May the Lord open the torrents of happiness, peace, success and healing in the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen. May the Lord protect your coming and going! May he protect you and your family from all danger by the force of the precious blood of Jesus! May he deliver you from all evil, occult manipulation and even from all curses and bad words spoken against your destiny in the name of Jesus! May the Spirit accompany you and make all your businesses fruitful and prosperous during this week. Amen. Have a great week!