Meditation of Father Georges sac (2 Tim 4, 1-8) – (Mk 12, 38-44

The widow’s offering, a lesson in trust in God.
As in Timothy St Paul invites us to sow the gospel everywhere. What does this evangelical mission consist of? Wherever we are, we must denounce evil; reproach or encourage when necessary for the sake of building the body of Christ and educating those who are ignorant. Have patience as our weapon and be ready for the supreme sacrifice out of love for Jesus Christ.
In the Gospel (Mk 12, 38-44), the widow represents the Church, the wife of Christ (Ephesian 5: 25-27). Although it has disappeared from our eyes, Jesus remains the true treasure of the Church. Our only treasure remains (Mt 13:44). The search for this treasure should be our primary concern. It is a priceless treasure. True charity must go beyond the superfluous. It requires sacrifices. Jesus himself demonstrates this by dying on the cross (John 15:13).
By giving the last two pieces she had left, the widow shows her fidelity to the Lord from whom she expects everything. It’s the same with the Church. When she is faithful, she also expects everything from her Lord who is faithful eternally. Unlike the Pharisees, the scribes who rely on their (superfluous) goods and put their trust, their security on the goods of this world, we must put our faith in the love that God has for each of us every day. Yes Jesus loves me, he seeks the disposition of my heart to love him more than anything. (Mk 12: 28-31)
Sacred Heart of Jesus; May your reign come! O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!