Meditation of Father Georges sac (2 Cor 13, 11-13) – (Jn 3, 16-18) – (Ex 34, 4b-6.8-9)

In the Feast of the Holy Trinity, we celebrate the mystery of the God of love Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our trinity course teacher began his lesson by saying, “Before a mystery, we remain silent; we pray ; we love “. On this Sunday, we can only kneel down saying: “Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; To the God is; who was and who comes for centuries for centuries. Amen. Let’s stay in worship, this is where we will find the grace of divine revelation.

Who is the God we love and serve and worship?
The Holy Scriptures in the book of Deuteronomy 6: 4 reveal to us that God is One. This simply means that we do not believe in several gods: sun god, god of the sea, god of drink, god of rain, god of crops, but a loving God who is the source of life. He says it clearly in Isaiah 44: 6: “I am the first and I am the last, And apart from me there is no God”. The Trinity reassures us in our Faith in a God of love who came through Jesus Christ to save us and not to condemn us (John 3: 16-18)
Our exist eternally since the origins in three people. There is never a time and there will never be a time when the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit do not coexist together. In the work of creation and redemption all three people are at work. (Genesis 1: 26-27). The trinity affirms the unity of love in creation. All families, all societies, all nations must draw inspiration from this communion which exists between the people of the Trinity..

The Father loves the Son and the Son does all that he saw from the Father (John 5: 19-20) and the Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son as we can see in (Mt 10: 20; Rom 8 : 10-11; 1Peter 1: 11). We therefore observe the prince of unity and distinction; the principle of unity in diversity in this trinity: One God in three persons. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one in substance, but different persons, each with his role in the work of salvation although always coexisting together. Isn’t that a strong lesson for us who live in jealousy, and competitions of all kinds today. Our can only find its meaning if we exist together in love, respecting our differences and using our different talents for the good of all. This is the peace and harmony of which St Paul speaks in second reading (2Cor13: 11-13)
Finally, we must look at the principle of Equality that exists between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Father is God and equal to the Son and the Son is also God and equal to the Father. The Holy Spirit is God Spirit and equal to the Father and the Son. The trinity challenges us all. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who comes into communion with us every day in a personal way, speaks to our current society. We are all equal in dignity and humanity. Men or women, children or adults, handicapped, sick or healthy, rich or poor, white or black, red or mixed race, all of us children of God created in his image and in his likeness.
Glory be to God the father who by his love and unlimited power has created us in his image of God. Glory to the Son who by his blood has redeemed us from the power of darkness, sin and hell by opening the doors of heaven. Glory be to the Holy Spirit who sanctified us through the sacrament of baptism and continues to inspire and sanctify us every day through the graces we receive. Glory to the Holy Trinity. We adore you now and for centuries for centuries. Amen.