Meditation of Father Georges (Mk 12, 35-37)

The most important man in history, the man -God, Jesus Christ is called, son of David (Mt 1: 6)

The blind Bartimaeus to attract his compassion called out to him: “Jesus son of David, have mercy on me ”(Mark 10:46). Why is Jesus called Son of David? and why does David call him his Lord?
1. Jesus was a descendant of David because he was the Son of Joseph who was of the line of David. In Jesus’ time, a person’s identity was declined in relation to his ancestor. The Son of Mary and Joseph is the messiah who will save his people from their sins (Mt 1: 20-23).
2. Jesus, the son of David would therefore like to say that Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah-King to bring deliverance, security and Peace to the people of Israel.
3. It was God Himself who said to David, “When your days are finished … I will raise up in your descendants a successor who will be born of you and I will make his kingdom stable. Your house and your kingdom will always remain before me, your throne will be stable forever ”(2 Samuel 7: 12, 16). The Messiah was to come from the line of David. It is Jesus, the Messiah who heals the sick, the blind, makes the lame walk and raises the dead. Lord Jesus perform these miracles in my life today. Jesus I trust you.