Meditation of Father Georges Bidzogo sac (Mt 5, 13-16)

Jesus uses two strong images to express the role of the Christian in the world. Salt and light can never be without effect in this world. Salt has a determining role in life. Salt gives flavor and preserves food from corruption. As disciples of Jesus, we must preserve our world from moral corruption, from the dangers of everything that causes spiritual death and social decay. Let us resist the devil with his manifestations (Jaques 4: 7). Let us resist sin, the sycophancy of this world, materialism, individualism, lust and even arrogance. Let us be witnesses to the values ​​of honesty and fraternity, without giving in to the worldly flatteries of upwardness, of the power of this world and of the varicose vein which our eyes on human dignity and the very values ​​of life. The role of light is to disperse darkness and allow us to see clearly (John 8:12). Jesus himself is the Light of the world which leads us to the eternal light. As baptisms, we must be lanterns shining in our world. We must help our families, our societies out of all forms of darkness to get closer to there of divine light. Let’s work every day to help others experience love, kindness, mercy, divine peace. Amen. Have a great week!