meditation (Mt 9, 32-38) – (Os 8, 4-7.11-13)

Healed from deafness!
Welcome the daily bread. The letter to the Ephesians 6:17 says let the sword of the spirit, the Word of God, live abundantly in your mouth and in your hearts. I pray that we may do whatever we wish in the name of the Lord.
In today’s Gospel Jesus heals mute and deaf person (Mt9:32-34). A very serious impediment. He can’t talk and he can’t speak. A VERY TERRIBLE SITUATION. Jesus came to this terrible and horrible situation away. He came to heal us from our deafness open our mouth for worship and praise. Like Jesus we must be evangelisers so that roots of our impediment may be taken away. Sin is the cause of the world deafness. And we can’t speak because we are not free. We are still bound by sin and bound in darkness!
May the Lord set us from sin. May the joy of preaching the word of the Lord last in your heart!