MEDITATION – (Mt 9, 20-22) I NEED YOUR TOUCH. (FR. Georges sac)

Jesus was on to Jairus house to heals his daughter. The woman was suffering from hemorrhage for 12 years – a blood disease. A midst a huge crowd, she believed that if only she can just touch his clothes, she will be healed. And so was it. “Daughter your Faith has made you well”.
His touch plus our little Faith Mt17:20, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, nothing will be impossible to you.
She has been quarantined for 12 years. All this time, she and whatever she had been in contact with was declared uncleaned according to Leviticus 15:25-27. With Jesus she is restored back to normal life. You too think your life is no more normal because of your long-term sufferings, touch him tonight by your Faith and it is done. (Send the Light, o Jehovah send into my soul…).
This woman had tried all kinds of medicines. Remember whenever someone is suffering. The Talmud suggested at least 11 possible cures for her problem. But in vain. What all kinds of Doctors and their types could not cure in 12 years, Jesus touch does heal it in a second. When the worldly powers declare their in capacities, that is the beginning of God’s work. The Bible says, he can do all things (Phil 4:3). He is Almighty; He is All-doing. He cannot change but change lives and situations. He is unmovable but he can move things. Call him tonight. If need be crawl with the little strength left in you. Don’t give up. Bring your right now toward your head or at the place where it is painful and say: Lord Jesus Touch my body in trust in you – Heal my Faith; touch my spirit I trust in you; touch my wounds I trust in you, my emotions I trust in you. Cover me with your most precious blood Amen.