Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark (Mk 12, 38-44)

At that time, in his teaching, Jesus said, “Beware of the scribes,
who like to walk in ceremonial clothes and who like greetings in public places, seats of honor in synagogues, and places of honor in dinners.
They devour the widows’ possessions and, for appearance, they make long prayers:
they will be more severely tried. ”
Jesus sat in the Temple opposite the treasury room, watching how the crowd was making money there. Many wealthy people put large sums in it. A poor widow stepped forward and put two small coins. Jesus called his disciples and said to them:
“Amen, I tell you: this poor widow has put more in the treasury than all the others.
Because all of them took on their superfluity, but she, she took on her destitution: she put everything she owned, everything she had to live on.