God is faithful

Evening Meditation – God never fails

God never fails anyone. It is he who called you to belong to his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Corinthians 1:9).

Have ever heard of Bible truth, God is faithful (Deuteronomy 7:9). Paul tells us that, even when we are faithless, he remains faithful (2Timothy 2:13). God never worked away after creating you. He cares for you; he watches over you; he nourishes you; he protects you each and every day. Cling unto God not unto your man, not unto your situation because he said I will give my angels charge to watch over you. Since you indeed his child you are serving a living, faithful and a victorious God who promised that all shall be well for those who love him. No matter what tribulations we go through; no matter what sickness split our body and spirit, no matter how broken we are, no matter what they said wrong about us, no matter how abandoned, we might feel, we must have a winning spirit, a winning mentality. Indeed, the final victory is of God. We must surrender unto his power for his promise is sure and he is the God who goes with you against your enemies to give you victory (Deut20:4). God never fails. Don’t give up the fight.