God is all powerful but merciful

16th Sunday in ordinary Time Year A.
God is all powerful but merciful (Rev. Fr Georges sac)
Wisdom 12:13,16-19; Ps 86, Romains8:26-27; Mt13:24-30
Written 40 years BC. The Book aims at passing on the Jewish faith. The true wisdom is God’s. The secret of all knowledge is in God who is all powerful and merciful.
God has the care of all these things and his justice is the source of his Mighty. He is the master of might yet he judges with clemency. God clement and merciful because he is in control. Because he is all-powerful, he governs everything with love, with care, with clemency, with tenderness, with patience. Hence, we hear today’s Psalm 86: “Lord you are kind and merciful; you are forgiving”. Contrary to God. We show our weaknesses. We are violent, harsh, abusive because we do not master the power we have. Look at husband and their wife; children and their parents; each and everyone of us in his position of responsibilities or small power! We fail to use our power appropriately to bring peace and justice because our power is exactly limited. Then we want to impose ourselves. Yet God reveals himself to us so that we may be like him. We shall imitate him. Hence, he taught us that those who are just must be kind (Mt20:25). To truly be like God, we need to pray through the power of the holy Spirit. Our prayer should therefore always start by calling the Holy Spirit to pray in us and with us for the Holy Spirit knows God’s plans for us. Do you invoke the Holy Spirit every day?
We are not always ready and opened for the word of God as we saw it last week in the parable of the sower. When we encounter failures, and obstacles in our journey of faith what are we supposed to do? The Parable of today speaks of the enemy who sows the weeds, the bad herbs that could suffocate our joy and happiness to follow Christ. When the devil sows’ divisions in our communities and families, we need the power of the Holy Spirit for discernment. The laborers were planning to destroy the bad seed, but the master refused. Only God has the power to uproot evil. It is only God who can help you take out the anger, the wickedness, the evil thought sown by the devil in your heart. Jesus through the parable invites us not to condemn others. We are all at the cross-road: humbled and arrogant (Malachy), good seed and bad seed, the just and the wicked, we will be judged according to what will prevail in our life. God does not give up on us. He remains patient, because he is all loving and all-powerful. But at the good seed will be harvested and the bad seed will be thrown into fire! Try to be a good seed!!!