Conforming ourselves to what pleases God! (Is 1, 10-17)

Méditation du Père Georges R. Bidzogo sac (Monday of the 15th week Year A)
Conforming ourselves to what pleases God! (Is 1, 10-17) – (Mt 10, 34 – 11, 1)
Isaiah compares the seculars and religious leaders of Israel to the sinful cities of Sodomah and Gomorrah as in Genesis 18 and 19. “you corrupt leaders and you perverted people”. They live in an abomination of sin yet they still offer sacrifices; they pray; they keep holy days of obligation. What about us today? Do we live in times of Sodomah and Gomorrah? Do we really listen to his voice (Hebrews 3:15)?
To get back to the real worship, we must wash up, clean up our act and cut ourselves from evil and seeking justice (Amos 5:21-24). Micah called for his people to ” do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8) Let make a difference by doing good (Mt 25:31-46). We have to advocate for the powerless, the widow, with no husband; the orphan, with parents, and the poor with no money (Isaiah 10:1-4). Let us open our heart for a reformation based not on sacrifices of animals but sacrificing selfishness and sins for the relationship with Jesus must always be the priority! I pray this week for all your enterprises. May the favour of the Lord accompany you!