Meeting days

Monday: Every Monday there is a ministry days at 6:00pm
Thursday: General prayer meeting every Thursday starting with mass at 5pm and prayer meeting start at 5:30pm
Saturday:Executive meeting every Saturday at 5:30pm

Executive members and contact Details

Cordinator: Rene Malala (+27 64 382 1661)
Secretary: Herve Yolo (+27 65 872 5659)
Social:Franklin (+27 73 510 2226)

Ministry Leader

Evagelisation: Herve Yolo
Singing: Gisele Ntambwe

What is a Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

It is a current of grace within the Catholic Church that incorporates aspects of both Catholic and Charismatic Movement practice, a renewing breath of the Spirit for all members of the Church, laity, religious, priests and bishops. It is a challenge for us all. One does not form part of the Renewal, rather, the Renewal becomes a part of us provided that we accept the grace it offers us. It gives an emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus and expressing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The 5 Goals of Catholic Charismatic Group

  1. To foster mature and continuous personal conversation to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
  2. To foster a decisive personal receptivity to the person, presence and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. To foster the reception and use of the gift of the spiritual gifts (Charismata) not only in the Catholic Charis-matic renewal but also in the broad church.
  4. To foster the work of evangelisation in the power of the Holy Spirit, including the evangelisation of the un-churched, the re-evangelisation of nominal Christians. The CCR promotes sharing in the Church’s mission by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed, and by bearing witness to Jesus Christ through personal testimony and through those works of faith and justice to which each one is called
  5. To foster the ongoing growth in holiness through the proper integration of these charismatic