About us

Our Mission

We as the parish of Saint Peter’s wish to unite our hearts and minds for the vision life where love endures, where unity is built, where freedom finds meaning in truth and where unity is found in respectful communion

Our Story

The land of the new church in Point Road near the corner of Hospital Road was baught from Mrs Nicoll around 1922 funds erection of the Church was collected over numbers of years. Bishop Delalle gave the 1000 pounds, a parishioner Leo Angelus Coughlan left a legacy of 2000 pounds

Meet the team

Fr Georges

Parish Priest

Fr Georges is from Cameroon and parish Priest at Saint Peter from 2014


Chair Lady

Nelisa is one of the old dedicated parishioner one the leader in the Bible study Group Chair lady for the second time

Lacee Chidi

Finance Chair Person

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