A Word of thanks

Big Thank !

Covid-19 Christ appeal continue to give thanks to the almighty for his protection and Care. We also would like to give thanks to all our benefactors and donors and partners. Thanks to Akache (Mr. Oliver Ugwu) Kenneth and Ike, Oga Wisdom who encouraged me from the beginning to carry on this salvific project that has saved thousands of lives in Durban. To date, we have 1986 families to care for. The list might grow as it is difficult to reject a person who is hungry. I will post the list of families in this website…

I can’t thank God enough for bringing Mr. Clinton McClean into this Project. You are such an asset for South Africa. Thanks for being there with Ubuntu Army, empowering people.

Million times thank you to the community of St Margret’s Anglican Church of Durban under the great leadership of Stacey, Shanny and others… We love you and thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. You are amazing! Millions of times thank you to our Confreres in Germany who support us financially for this ongoing project. You continue to show love that breaks barriers and that transcend race and tribe. Thanks for being an example of Faith and charity! Thanks Fr. Markus Hau sac, Fr. Helmut Sharler Sac and the whole Pallottines in the Heart of Jesus Province. Thanks to our benefactors. We pray for them all daily.

I would like to thank my friends from Holy Spirit Parish in Lansing (USA) who responded to our cry just in the very beginning of the lock-down. Thank you Fr John Rocus. We love and appreciate you. And pray for all your Parishioners including all our benefactors and benefactresses!

We Thank the Jewish board community for their surprising and amazing support last week and their ongoing prayers and accompaniment! We love you and truly appreciate you. We pray for you.

I would like to express my gratitude to Reverend Allan Wanger from Lighthouse who has constantly give us his support. We are happy to work with you. Be assured of our prayers!

Thanks to Grace Church for soup provided to families. Be assured that your donation has not gone unnoticed.

I would to thank all young volunteers who are coming to help offloading and packaging food parcels. May God bless you abundantly!

Now, we are still in level 4 of the lock-down, may be some Provinces will go to level 3 from the 1st June. Up to now, all people such as refugees and most people living through informal sectors cannot be able to survive or to pay their bills.

Food drive parcels will still be needed for these desperate families.
Rent is the second challenge as many of these families are being threaten to be thrown out by landlords. Yesterday, I receive a widow from DRC with 6 children who has been send out of the house due nonpayment of rent. This requires our charity…

Finally, Schools are opening but still many parents have not yet payed the school fees. I usually rely on the mission program from the Diocese of Lansing. This year, we are not sure of any trip that side.

Please help give idea for fundraising or bring your direct support if you could. Our banking details are the same as per the Covid-19 support. Email me on: bidgeor@yahoo.fr or Whatssap: +27725783183.

United with you all in prayers,

Rev. Fr. Georges Roger BIdzogo sac