(2 Tim 1, 1-3.6-12) – Father Georges sac

“Let us speak our Faith”
For it is not a spirit of fear that God has given us, but a spirit of strength, love and balance. Do not be ashamed to bear witness to our Lord ” Has God given us a spirit of shyness? the spirit of shyness goes against the gift of faith. It is a spirit that does not help us to grow, to dare, to rise. The spirit of shyness does not open to the divine miracle! It is shameful to see Christians putting their faith under wraps. Did not Jesus tell us “that we do not light a lamp to put it under a bushel, but we put it on the candlestick, and it lights up all those who are in the house” Mark 4: 21,22. Live your Christian life everywhere. Give your testimony to the gospel on time and against it without any shame. St Charles Lwanga and his 21 companions gave us their lives thanks to the effervescence of their Faith. This Clotilde dedicated her life to charity work and prayer after the death of her husband. What can you say about your faith? Do you have faith Is your faith visible in your works or are you ashamed to manifest it in activities and relationships? No, being ashamed of your faith or living it shyly is a sin. No. True faith and shyness don’t go together. A Christian is not ashamed of God. A faith-filled Christian is not shy about church or God matters. True faith is a spirit of timidity, not a spirit of shame or a spirit of fear, but a spirit of strength, charity and prudence, love, peace, joy, reconciliation and justice . For Pope Francis, that’s what faith is. Do you make your Faith speak?